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5 Killer Marketing Stats

Happy Monday! Here are 5 Killer Marketing Stats, compliments of News Editing Week, to start your week! Get in the know and start planning your marketing decisions accordingly.

7 Mistakes Marketers Make When Marketing to Millenials

By 2020, Millenials will make up $1.4 trillion in spending power. Want to make your content more engaging to Millenials? Make it useful and helpful to them. We call this infotainment. Be informative to grow their horizons. Be entertaining to make them connect. Here’s a useful infographic on the 7 mistakes marketers make when marketing to Millenials. Perhaps the most useful fact of all is 62% of Millenials will buy from brands that provide useful content that is relative to their cultural priorities. Click here for larger image.


Click here for larger image.


Hyperlocal Marketing Using Beacons Webinar

FREE webinar to those interested in understanding how to get started with hyperlocal marketing using beacons.







What you will learn in this 30 minute online webinar:

  1. What is hyperlocal marketing and how can I use it for my business/organization?
  2. What is a beacon and how can I leverage it to help me with contextual hyperlocal marketing?
  3. What are some of the sample uses of this technology/method?
  4. What are some of the sample successes?
  5. What do I need to get started on my own?


Registration required as seats are limited.  Webinar link will be sent to those who registered. 

Webinar: Hyperlocal Marketing Using Beacons Webinar

Fee: $0 (confirmed registered users only)

Duration: 20-30 minutes (depending on Q&A’s)

Format: On-demand Webinar (view as your availability allows)



kill mediocity: day 16

Shameless Tricks? Even those responsible for ensuring quality have their bad days. In this case, the Editor in Chief should have looked at both sides of the fold to ensure nothing was off.

Kill Bad Ad Placements


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