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kill mediocity: day 15

This is something we’d expect from Saturday Night Live’s skit with Alec Trebek where the Sean Connery character makes offensive words from existing words. But this, we didn’t expect from the Susan Boyle camp. What a tremendous hashtag faux pas. Susan Album Party hashtag also reads Su’s Anal Bum Party. You can’t make this up! We think an intern somewhere is having fun with this little “accident.”

Kill Bad Hashtags


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kill mediocity: day 14

This is borderline between massive fail and marketing genius. Genius because the message is consistent with the service offered. However, morbidly horrible because you basically show you’re willing to “kill” to get your message across. If only they can channel this kind of creativity in a more responsible marketing campaign. Can you imagine the PR nightmare the company would have to endure if someone got run over by a train?

Kill Irresponsible Marketing Stunts


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kill mediocity: day 13

Some say any publicity is good publicity. Nay, we say. People are talking about this ad and we suppose that’s what the marketers want. But who on earth would want your ad associated with feces? Really.

Kill Bad Publicity Stunt


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kill mediocity: day 12

When you have a brand the represents food and consumption, you’re probably better off finding characters for your marketing other than rodents. These distorted rodents (albeit funny) do nothing to further Quiznos’ message of superior quality sub sandwiches. In fact, we venture to state these characters harm Quiznos’ superior quality message. Who would want to consume a Quiznos sandwich after seeing two horrible looking rodents?

Kill Inconsistencies in Messaging


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