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making people beautiful.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding professions is working in the beauty industry. Every day, Neill SooHoo does just that. Styling and designing beautiful hair that adorn the local scene’s elite and socialites. We couldn’t be more pleased when he asked us to put together some creatives to brand his business. Check them out.

Local business marketing Neill SooHoo salon

Local business marketing Neill SooHoo salon

Local business marketing Neill SooHoo salon


picture this.

What a great way to interact with your audience! Kaegi introduced a new product, Kaegimat and wants to make the launch stick. They provided a vending machine then asked people to take a picture of themselves with the vending machine, upload it (at the vending machine) to share it on Facebook. In return, the passersby received a free Kaegimat bar.

Find this “vending machine” at unexpected places, for example somewhere in the mountains, and share a photo of you and the Kaegimat with your friends at Facebook. Immediately, you will get a QR-code to your smartphone to change with a chilled Kaegi fret for free.

Advertising Agency: JEFF Communications GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director / Managing Partner: Philip Eggenberger
Published: September 2013

the hero within.

Government of the State of Ceará launched a campaign to increase organ donorship. The slogan reads, “The real power lie inside you. Be a donor. Save lives.” We love it. Great job Propeg!

captain america


Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Published: September 2013

now that’s a trap.

What a great idea to demonstrate your message! Orphea, an outdoor insect spray, shows motorists it’s a wonderful bug trap. But we can’t help but wonder…isn’ this an “insect repellent spray”? Nonetheless, it’s quite brillant.