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This is five years old and still one of our top five pics for clever ads. But FYI, it originally launched as a career placement ad. The end is now changed to an energy company.

add-off: BMW vs. Audi

Oh snap! Oh snap! We just love a good round of advertising sparring (in good taste) between two competing brands. Here’s a favorite of ours by Audi and BMW. Lesson here is if you’re blatantly calling your competition to the carpet, you better be ready to battle. Ad-off!

This billboard advertising war between Audi and BMW started off with Audi introducing its new A4 with a bold and cheeky headline, “Your move, BMW.” BMW responded back with a brilliant billboard ad three times the size of the Audi ad on the same block featuring their 3 Series with, “Checkmate.”

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absolutely amazing.

Bus stops are typically barren with a poster ad, without much appeal to those waiting for their ride or for anyone passing by. But once in a while, you come across creative use of bus stops that just nailed it.


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stop traffick.

Kudos to Inam Kazimi (Creative Director at McCann) on raising awareness to the human trafficking issue in Africa. Ads appropriately placed.

iom_stop-human-traffic (1)