5 Killer Marketing Stats

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5 Killer Marketing Stats

Happy Monday! Here are 5 Killer Marketing Stats, compliments of News Editing Week, to start your week! Get in the know and start planning your marketing decisions accordingly.

7 Mistakes Marketers Make When Marketing to Millenials

By 2020, Millenials will make up $1.4 trillion in spending power. Want to make your content more engaging to Millenials? Make it useful and helpful to them. We call this infotainment. Be informative to grow their horizons. Be entertaining to make them connect. Here’s a useful infographic on the 7 mistakes marketers make when marketing to Millenials. Perhaps the most useful fact of all is 62% of Millenials will buy from brands that provide useful content that is relative to their cultural priorities. Click here for larger image.


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12 Things About the Human Brain That Drives Decisions

Marketing is mostly psychological and understanding human behaviors. This infographic will help you become a more effective and engaging marketer. In summary, pay attention to the primitive brain and its ability to drive decisions by overriding the modern brain, our brains love images, especially images with faces, and color influences thought. (click here for larger image)

Full size image here.

art everywhere.

We are fanatics about art in everyday life. That’s because the more it is engrained in your surroundings, the more creative influences you will receive. When an artist has a “signature” to his work and the message is consistent- well, that’s brilliant personal branding. Take for instance the UK-based wire sculpture, Robin Wight, whose work in wire sculptures are dramatic and surreal. There’s no mistake when you see one of his works you will immediately know its his. Wight signs each work with a wooden heart inside his sculptures, sometimes leaving a personal message.

If you happen to be in the UK, you can check out his work on display at the Trentham Gardens. Otherwise, let these pictures of his wonderful work whet your beaks. you can also check out more of his amazing work at http://www.fantasywire.co.uk/fairies.html.