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hello, branding.

Today, Hello Kitty turned 38 years old so we thought we highlight some of the reasons why Hello Kitty has become such an iconic brand - over the years. Introduced on November 1, 1974 by Sanrio and originally called Haro Kiti (AKA Kitty White), Hello Kitty was mostly on plastic purses and pencil boxes for young girls. Now Hello Kitty is licensed to airlines, phone companies, and appliance manufacturers. Hello Kitty was no longer for young Asian girls, she has grown to also command a cult-like following from fans of all ages around the world.

What makes Hello Kitty so unique compared to other cartoon characters?

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don’t be a no show.

trade show follow-up tasks

Now that you’re done exhibiting at your show, what next? Don’t let the leads slip by as you only have a few days before they go cold. Here’s a quick list of action items to get your team to take proactive and effective steps to furthering your show investment:

Trade Show Following Action Items

  1. Categorize your leads/contacts made into 4 categories on an excel spreadsheet as follows:
    1. Information Gatherers
    2. Sellers
    3. Social Butterflies, Wallflowers and Friends
    4. Solution Seekers/Buyers
  2. Each lead should then be labeled in one of the above categories

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This is five years old and still one of our top five pics for clever ads. But FYI, it originally launched as a career placement ad. The end is now changed to an energy company.

here’s the story.

We just started using Storify and we’re in love!

Storify lets you curate social networks and the web to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative. This cloud based (and free) tool allows you to easily search social platforms for content that matches your search term. For example, we can search “iPhone5″ on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, and even Storify (for other curated stories) to build your “story”. There’s even a browser plugin that allows you to add to your storyboards (think Pinterest boards) for your stories as you peruse the web. You can even include the Storify widget to your blog so people can also lead their audience back to your content.

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