tools: 5 social media tools to manage your business

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tools: 5 social media tools to manage your business

There are a ton of tools out there from business analytics to pay-per-click media spend. We thought this first series of our “tools” posts should focus on the basics of social marketing. Here are five tools we use that help make our every day social marketing work more manageable.

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a marathon, not a sprint.

By now many of you have been shocked an awed by the Lance Armstrong media circus surrounding him being stripped of seven tour titles. Mind you, he still claims his innocence, but as speculations of corruption and conspiracy theories fan the PR flame, we can’t help but wonder about the Livestrong brand?

Even bigger than the Livestrong brand is the love story between a brand and a person. We’re talking about Nike and Lance. Niking is sticking with Lance through thick and thin. If you think about it, Nike has been known to stick by their troubled athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. Not wavering in the wind, Nike was bold and resolute to ride it out with their athletes.

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absolutely amazing.

Bus stops are typically barren with a poster ad, without much appeal to those waiting for their ride or for anyone passing by. But once in a while, you come across creative use of bus stops that just nailed it.


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why we buy.

buyology bookThis is an amazing book we wanted to recommend to you. The most interesting take-away is people don’t even know the real reasons why they buy, so survey and focus groups do not really work.

Case in point. A study conducted on smokers and their reactions to warning labels, designed by the government to curtail smoking. Before the brain scans, responders were given a paper survey- asking them are they more self-aware and cautious when seeing the warning labels on the packets.
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