kill mediocrity: day 6

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kill mediocrity: day 6

We expected more from a large brand like this publication. If you’re going to hack off the hip of your subject, make sure you align it with the thigh. #killmediocrity

Kill Design Laziness


kill mediocrity: day 5

If you want to be known as a creative agency, put your best foot forward. This looks like it the print ad was made in Powerpoint and the over-zealous use of word art. #killmediocrity

Kill incongruent branding.



kill mediocrity: day 4

Unless you’re presenting to four-year-olds, don’t use cheesy cartoonish clipart. Cliparts and cartoons can be effective, when done right, but not like this. No, no, and no. #killmediocrity

Kill clipart in Powerpoint.



kill mediocrity: day 3

*sighhhhhhh* Where do we begin with this one? Which is more repulsive? The head in the cloud image, the blue font over blue background, or the poor layout? #killmediocrity

Kill it all.