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flawsome: Johnson & Johnson

People tend to distrust people who show they are flawless and void of human emotions. Likewise with brands. Companies that embrace being human and admitting their flawsomeness have a better chance at connecting with their customers while earning their trust and loyalty. Here’s to a featured flawsome brand, Johnson & Johnson.

Flawsome Story

Johnson & Johnson’s reinstating the women’s tampon brand, o.b. Ultra. The company announced in 2010 it would discontinued the brand, which sparked a “girlcott” by outraged customers who launched the website to petition the company to reconsider. The site gained widespread support and in late 2011, Johnson & Johnson reinstated the brand with a clever “ENDLESS CELEBRATIONS” microsite dedicated to a series of goofy personal power and apology videos to their customers, coupled with a coupon.

Johnson & Johnson ob Ultra

The Girlcott Site


Endless Celebration Microstite

We used our warrior princess alter ego, Xena.

Endless Celebration Microstite

Personalized Apology

kitchy video

Showing your goofiness and saying you are sorry is flawsome.


Coupons to entice returning customers.

This post is an adapted version of a more comprehensive trend briefing on the act of being flawsome.

the brand tribe.

In honor of the great men and women in the service past and present, we thought we’d dissect with you our favorite military branding, The Few, The Proud, The Marines. Notwithstanding the tremendous contributions other military services and their equal importance in defending and securing our freedom, we took a look at what makes the United States Marine Corps’ branding so effective and three overarching themes rang through: consistency in messaging, building a tribe mentality, and storytelling.

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hello, branding.

Today, Hello Kitty turned 38 years old so we thought we highlight some of the reasons why Hello Kitty has become such an iconic brand - over the years. Introduced on November 1, 1974 by Sanrio and originally called Haro Kiti (AKA Kitty White), Hello Kitty was mostly on plastic purses and pencil boxes for young girls. Now Hello Kitty is licensed to airlines, phone companies, and appliance manufacturers. Hello Kitty was no longer for young Asian girls, she has grown to also command a cult-like following from fans of all ages around the world.

What makes Hello Kitty so unique compared to other cartoon characters?

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i shop, you shop.

Part of the reason why we love Target so much is its ability to continually raise the bar on your everyday retail experience. We were fortunate enough to visit our friends at Target corporate in Minneapolis earlier this year and let us tell you, it is Target Country! That aside, we are extremely excited for The Shops at Target; its newest marketing strategy to further engage and delight its valuable customers. Check out their latest ad campaign.

On a side note, we just heard from our friends at Business Insider that JC Penny is also copying this latest Target shops strategy. There’s will be out until Fall 2013.