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why we buy.

buyology bookThis is an amazing book we wanted to recommend to you. The most interesting take-away is people don’t even know the real reasons why they buy, so survey and focus groups do not really work.

Case in point. A study conducted on smokers and their reactions to warning labels, designed by the government to curtail smoking. Before the brain scans, responders were given a paper survey- asking them are they more self-aware and cautious when seeing the warning labels on the packets.
Many responded they do curtail their smoking behaviors because of the warning. Now these responders were given images to view under brain scan tests and data showed there’s increased activity in the brain (the pleasures and craving parts of the brain) when the labels are prevalent. Go figure –  smoking actually increased in parts of the world where warning signs were. Hmmm.

That’s just one example of the many ways your brain responds to marketing messages. Do you honestly think sex sells? Read to find out!