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why we buy.

buyology bookThis is an amazing book we wanted to recommend to you. The most interesting take-away is people don’t even know the real reasons why they buy, so survey and focus groups do not really work.

Case in point. A study conducted on smokers and their reactions to warning labels, designed by the government to curtail smoking. Before the brain scans, responders were given a paper survey- asking them are they more self-aware and cautious when seeing the warning labels on the packets.
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consumer, meet manufacturer.

We wonder how services like this would ultimately affect retailers like Walmart and Target?products

Alice.com is a web service that allows you to manage your home product essentials online, keeps track of your inventory, reminds of you when your product is running low, find coupons for your products, and ships for free.

It’s like having your personal shopper and housekeeper rolled up into a single service.