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We have quite a few brands we work with targeting the affluent buyer so thought this chart would be of interest to you. This is an ad channel ranking chart from a recent market study that shows the potential reach and effectiveness of each media channel. The results are a reminder that traditional media sources can be very effective for advertising (something research suggests that consumers and marketers both recognize), even as luxury marketers appear to be shifting budgets to the digital side of the equation. For the affluent buyer TV, Magazine, and Websites ranked top (respectively) in reaching this niche market.

Traditional Media Advertising

Source: Shullman Research

Even more interesting is the intent to buy. TV is the top advertising medium for reaching affluent adults, while magazines are particularly effective in reaching those who plan to buy luxury items. As you can see, Magazine is the consistent media channel that generates an impressive intent to buy indicator compared to TV or Radio. Of course, there are a number of factors that influence the buying decision but this is a pretty good generalization of how engaged this particular audience is for each type of media channel.

Intent to Buy

Source: Shullman Research