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skills that pay the bills.

It’s daunting when you’re a new marketer and the internet is such a vast resource pool of marketing how-to’s. How do you quickly make an impact without wasting all of your time learning the skills of the trade? These are the seven essential skills new marketers need to be successful. We also added our own assessment of why they’re worthy of acquisition.

  1. Analytics.
    It’s one thing to report on the numbers to your boss; it’s another thing to be able to really understand what the data is telling you. Is there an anomaly,  a trend, and an opportunity? Does it reveal where your issues and opportunities are? Marketers need to quickly interpret the data set to meaningful business discussions.
  2. Social Media.
    Keep your eyes and ears on the pulse of what’s happening in the markets you’re monitoring. Tools are available to help you understand the market sentiment, trending discussions, and consumer behavior. Focus groups are less relevant now that you can aggregate sentiment and attitude. In addition, it helps you network with industry professionals and build an authentic relationship with your audience.
  3. Data Visualization.
    Like analytics, do you have the ability to communicate what this data mean in a way a non-marketer understand? This goes back to the understanding that images result in higher engagement than text alone. So take that information into account and create visuals to communicate your point.
  4.  Technical Skills.
    You don’t have to be a teckie to succeed at your job; but you do need to know enough to be dangerous. Understanding the basics, the ins-and-outs of a workflow of coding, design, production, and engineering will help you quickly translate business requirements into work to your team of technical experts. It also helps you better understand, and appreciate, the work involved to produce the end result.
  5. Teamwork.
    This goes without saying that marketing solve market problems. The more comprehensive and diverse your team is, the better chance you have in creatively solving problems for your organization. Problem solving comes easier where there’s trust and free flow of communication amongst your team.
  6. Newsjacking.
    Time is of essence in today’s hypermedia. Take advantage of what’s on everyone’s mind by turning a trending topic into something you want to communicate. There’s more to newsjacking that just using the same hashtag. You can also newsjack by providing relevant information, with your
  7. Soft Skills.
    Nothing fizzles faster than a poor attitude and lack of emotional intelligence. Marketing is a relationship business. You build relationships with your customers, suppliers, market, media, and analysts. At the end of the day – it’s a PEOPLE job.