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kill mediocity: day 13

Some say any publicity is good publicity. Nay, we say. People are talking about this ad and we suppose that’s what the marketers want. But who on earth would want your ad associated with feces? Really.

Kill Bad Publicity Stunt


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kill mediocity: day 11

This is truly sad. Sad because we’re thinking the good people of this organization have no idea what the acronym “WTF” stands for. And in the context of worship, teaching, and friends- it’s certainly the right mix for juvenile chuckle. Sorry good friends, this merely is a sample of checking the work for potential double meaning. In this case, is your acronym a meaning to something else? It hurts us to do this to you but we’re going to have to label this as a fail with respect to marketing. We recommend placing the banners in different order like Friends, Teaching, and Worship. #killmediocrity

Kill Poor Choice of Acronyms



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