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factor this.

SEO is quite daunting to businesses without the expertise of getting their website organically ranked in searches. More than half of internet traffic is from search traffic- searches for information and answers to queries. The below is a great infographic which shows Google’s Top 200 SEO ranking factors. Of course, the algorithm will change in time as people and programs figure out a way to game the ranking.

Google's SEO Ranking Factors

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the business of being small.

Are you at par with your peers in the small business realm? Remember that all large businesses almost always start out as a small business. Stick to your marketing, be consistent with your programs, and make what works better. For many small businesses, they rely a lot on their location to realize revenue. Hence, search and SEO strategies are paramount. In addition, not all businesses have the finances for advertising so they focus on social networks.

Small Business Marketing

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Just be cautious of social networks and the time it drains from your time and your resources. Have a clear focus on what you want to achieve from your social networking activities and only focus on that – until you near perfect it. With all things, it’s better to have one great deliverable that performs versus a ton of things in the air. :)