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kill mediocrity: day 8

Calvin Klein is not stranger to controversy. This ad takes it a bit too far in our book. It’s okay to produce sexy ads; but, it’s not okay to suggest and promote violence against anyone. In this case, the ad is a suggestive of violence and gang rape. This ad was banned in Australia, with the Australian ad watchdog group stating the advertisement sensationalized violence against women. We wholeheartedly agree. #killmediocrity

Kill Ads That Sensationalize Crime


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kill mediocrity: day 7

Following yesterday’s lead in lazy design for big publications, here’s another one. Now we have seen The Devil Wears Prada and know these publications have obsessive-like editing and critique. So, how on earth was this creative approved? Especially with such a high-profile subject like Kate Moss? Her daughter’s hand is disproportionate with her body and where did her fingers blended to? #killmediocrity

Kill Lazy Design AND Ineffective Quality Control


kill mediocrity: day 6

We expected more from a large brand like this publication. If you’re going to hack off the hip of your subject, make sure you align it with the thigh. #killmediocrity

Kill Design Laziness


kill mediocrity: day 5

If you want to be known as a creative agency, put your best foot forward. This looks like it the print ad was made in Powerpoint and the over-zealous use of word art. #killmediocrity

Kill incongruent branding.