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i shop, you shop.

Part of the reason why we love Target so much is its ability to continually raise the bar on your everyday retail experience. We were fortunate enough to visit our friends at Target corporate in Minneapolis earlier this year and let us tell you, it is Target Country! That aside, we are extremely excited for The Shops at Target; its newest marketing strategy to further engage and delight its valuable customers. Check out their latest ad campaign.

On a side note, we just heard from our friends at Business Insider that JC Penny is also copying this latest Target shops strategy. There’s will be out until Fall 2013.


consumer, meet manufacturer.

We wonder how services like this would ultimately affect retailers like Walmart and Target?products

Alice.com is a web service that allows you to manage your home product essentials online, keeps track of your inventory, reminds of you when your product is running low, find coupons for your products, and ships for free.

It’s like having your personal shopper and housekeeper rolled up into a single service.