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kill mediocity: day 15

This is something we’d expect from Saturday Night Live’s skit with Alec Trebek where the Sean Connery character makes offensive words from existing words. But this, we didn’t expect from the Susan Boyle camp. What a tremendous hashtag faux pas. Susan Album Party hashtag also reads Su’s Anal Bum Party. You can’t make this up! We think an intern somewhere is having fun with this little “accident.”

Kill Bad Hashtags


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tweet your pics and videos.

Twitter announced earlier this week it will start integrating images and videos inline with the feed. Which means no more clicking to a link to view the pics and videos. Promoted tweets with images are now essentially display ads within the feed. We tested posting images on Twitter and found this…

Note, when you post your image/video, Twitter shows a portion of the image. Your audience will need to click on the “Expand” link below the image to see the full size. This diminishes the value of conveniently seeing the images inline with the feed without having to click on a link to view the image.

What you see in your feed:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view.


After you click on “Expand” link below the image, you see the whole image:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Expanded image view.


Twitter essentially only displays a portion of your entire image or video:

Twitter expanded image brandmetta

Twitter shows a portion (in grey area) of your entire image/video.

So we tested out our posts to see what the image ideal dimensions should be for easy inline viewing and came across 800px X 395px as the best dimension; and it still displays well on mobile too.

Desktop View:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view using a desktop/laptop.


Mobile View:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view using a mobile device (smart phone).

And in the spirit of user experience, we recommend your image isĀ 800px X 395px (or same ratio). Happy tweeting!


vying with Vine.

We are loving the new video-instagram-like app, called Vine. Fully integrated with the Twitter platform. Last week Twitter rolled out a new video sharing app, Vine App, that allows users to share six seconds of looping video captured. Like instagram, the Vine app provides you video feed from users you follow.

Vine App Tinkering

Vine Screen

For marketers and brands, this is your way of producing six second teasers, behind-the-scene clips, or anything that further engage the audience. For news outlets, it’s a great way for reporters to provide six second breaking news video coverage. For brands wanting to engage fans, it’s a great way to have fans upload their videos and tag the brand. For creative people, it’s a great way to obtain a glimpse into their creations and visions. We also noticed a “How-to” category, which we feel may be Twitter’s answer to Pinterest’s famous how-to persona. So many ways to express yourself and so easy to do. continue reading…