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37 Free Marketing Tools to Help You Run Your Marketing

There are a lot of online marketing tools but which ones work best for most companies? Thanks to our friends at Flora Pang, your search has narrowed to 37 awesome tools to help you tame the online marketing beast!

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factor this.

SEO is quite daunting to businesses without the expertise of getting their website organically ranked in searches. More than half of internet traffic is from search traffic- searches for information and answers to queries. The below is a great infographic which shows Google’s Top 200 SEO ranking factors. Of course, the algorithm will change in time as people and programs figure out a way to game the ranking.

Google's SEO Ranking Factors

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here’s the story.

We just started using Storify and we’re in love!

Storify lets you curate social networks and the web to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative. This cloud based (and free) tool allows you to easily search social platforms for content that matches your search term. For example, we can search “iPhone5″ on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, and even Storify (for other curated stories) to build your “story”. There’s even a browser plugin that allows you to add to your storyboards (think Pinterest boards) for your stories as you peruse the web. You can even include the Storify widget to your blog so people can also lead their audience back to your content.

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tools: 5 social media tools to manage your business

There are a ton of tools out there from business analytics to pay-per-click media spend. We thought this first series of our “tools” posts should focus on the basics of social marketing. Here are five tools we use that help make our every day social marketing work more manageable.

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