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tweet your pics and videos.

Twitter announced earlier this week it will start integrating images and videos inline with the feed. Which means no more clicking to a link to view the pics and videos. Promoted tweets with images are now essentially display ads within the feed. We tested posting images on Twitter and found this…

Note, when you post your image/video, Twitter shows a portion of the image. Your audience will need to click on the “Expand” link below the image to see the full size. This diminishes the value of conveniently seeing the images inline with the feed without having to click on a link to view the image.

What you see in your feed:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view.


After you click on “Expand” link below the image, you see the whole image:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Expanded image view.


Twitter essentially only displays a portion of your entire image or video:

Twitter expanded image brandmetta

Twitter shows a portion (in grey area) of your entire image/video.

So we tested out our posts to see what the image ideal dimensions should be for easy inline viewing and came across 800px X 395px as the best dimension; and it still displays well on mobile too.

Desktop View:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view using a desktop/laptop.


Mobile View:

twitter image right size dimension brandmetta

Newsfeed view using a mobile device (smart phone).

And in the spirit of user experience, we recommend your image is 800px X 395px (or same ratio). Happy tweeting!


  • Dilia Suriel

    Very, very helpful! Mahalo for sharing!
    Dilia Suriel
    Author, The Thin Woman’s Brain

  • John

    Guys, I also discovered that the layout of the picture also influences the section that gets shown inline. This may be a recent update, but for a picture I wanted to share using the guidelines you posted here, twitter kept showing the bottom half inline. No matter what I tried, it always did the same. I did notice that the lower half of the picture was more colorful and so I went ahead and faded the color on the lower half and BAM! now it shows the right part (center) inline. Just something to also mention as it can drive anyone crazy. :)

  • janet

    how do you get to inlime image on twitter.. i add the words “pic.twitter.com” to my tweet but never see the end bit and the image does not go inline- i see them on my profile but do not see them on main twitter page.. so in your samples above i see pic.twitter.com/xxxxxxxxxxxx how do i accomplish that on my tweets… HELP- i only have a desktop no cell- so can someone please instruct me step by step..